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I am oh-so passionate about animals and I want to tell you more about that and why I am donating a portion of a few selected products to a charity that helps rescue them.
Animals are so amazing to me and it's so cool how God made each so unique and different. I've always loved them, and my mom always tells the story of younger me crying over a caterpillar that my brother ran over with his toy car. I went through a phase where I really loved them (yeah, weird...whatever), but honestly I would still be upset if he ran over one now. Maybe it's because I'm a sensitive person in general, but I have such compassion in my heart for animals (not just caterpillars) and it is so important to adopt the kitties and pups who really need homes. Even when you can't take them all of them home (because I totally would), you can donate to organizations that are doing the rescuing and that's what I seek to do here.
 I've always had cats growing up and still do (even though I love pups too). The two I have now, Batman and Ella, make very frequent appearances on my Instagram (@ktscanvases), but sorry not sorry because they are the cutest! Ella is an old lady cat in age and spirit (she's a grump), but she decided to love just me and we're the best of friends! We adopted Batman from a local organization, Floyd Felines and Friends, that rescued him in 2016 after one of our previous cats, Jasmine passed away. Jasmine was actually Ella's daughter and was one of the kittens we kept when Ella had her babies way back when. She suddenly got sick that year, and passed away on January 1st and it was so hard to say goodbye. 

When she was gone, there was such a hole and the house seemed so empty. She was the family cat who always hung out with all of us and we missed her so much. A couple weeks later, we heard about a crazy little cat named Batman from a friend that works with the organization and decided to go check him out. Well, of course we fell in love with the little weirdo and adopted him!

Here's a picture of me and my family getting him:

It's so important to get a new fur-baby after you've lost one, specifically rescuing one or maybe 3! It's not that you're replacing the other, because thats impossible but oh my goodness, it helps so much. The time we got with Jasmine and the joy she brought us will always be worth the sadness of losing her, so I'll be forever thankful for that blessing. 


All of this inspired the custom pet art I do and all of the other animals I draw! I've had the idea to make a rescue pet art print and donate some of the profit to an organization that helps rescue animals and I'm SO excited! 

A percentage of each product sold in my pet collection will be donated!


I chose the Best Friends Animal Society to donate a percentage of each of these products sold to and you can read more about them here:

If you want to donate separately to the organization that rescued Batman, you can head to their website here: