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 What is KT's Canvases?

KT's Canvases is a shop that offers customizable art that uplift and inspire others. The designs are happy, bright, and almost always floral! My mission is to spread the light and truth of Jesus through my passion for creating and painting. I believe that He gave me this passion and this business to reach people that don't know him and to bring glory to his name and I am so thankful!
How did it all begin?
I have loved creating and making ever since I was little, but I found my passion in painting when I was on Spring Break, bored and looking for something to do. I then began to post pictures of my paintings on my personal Facebook page to share with friends and family.
I will never forget when a friend of mine commented and asked to buy one of the paintings I had posted. That sparked the idea of having a business of my own, where I created things that people thought good enough to purchase (crazy, right?).
I then created a Facebook page for KT's Canvases where I began my growth as a business and got my name out there. Later that Fall, I opened my Etsy shop and a few years after I made an account on Instagram (@ktscanvases) where I developed my brand. 

God created each person in his image with gifts and talents that are meant to glorify him and reflect his character. I hope that through my painting, y'all see his glory and power; that you do not merely see what I can do, but praise him who is worthy and deserving.

 Who is KT?

Hi! My name is Katie Bryant and I am the maker behind KT's Canvases!



I am 19, and I work at a Pre-school as well as run KT's Canvases! I love Jesus and my prayer is that you see Him through my work.


Fun facts about me:

  1. I'm a total cat person (I have two, Batman and Ella), but I adore all animals!
  2. Candy is my absolute favorite, especially skittles (all the different flavors are the best), as well as anything sour! 
  3. My favorite show is "The Office", but I rotate through drama shows like "Nashville" and crime shows like "SVU" and "Blue Bloods". I love to watch them while I paint! I'm really a sucker for sitcoms like "Friends" and "Parks and Recreation" too!
  4. I love Harry Potter along with the rest of the world (I'm a Hufflepuff).
  5. I love makeup, and I own way too much thanks to makeup gurus on Youtube! :)
  6. I could drink a gallon of Chick-fil-A's lemonade, YUM! 
  7. I love music, especially country! I love how certain singers or songs can just take you back to the exact spot where you first heard them.
  8. Musicals are the absolute best, I love them! Hamilton and Disney Princess soundtracks are always there for me when I feel the need to belt out in song.

This is one of our cats, Batman! Can you tell he hates to be held..? I totally get it though so no hard feelings!


This is my amazing and supportive family! They have helped me achieve what I have through my business so far and I'm so thankful for them!

Here's me and my brother, Josh when we were adorable little kiddos! Thought the world needed to see this, so here you go! 


Behind the Scenes:                                                                

I cleared off all the half-finished canvases, random paint bottles, and much more just for this picture!, haha! 

I'm probably the messiest painter there is..oops! I found this picture and had to show y'all because it's so ridiculous! I would forget I was covered in paint and go to school like this, people! I'm getting better, I promise!

I painted in my dimly-lit, carpeted room (that was quickly covered in paint) when I began KT's Canvases, but I recently moved to this little room in the hallway! I dream of a studio with giant windows and a space where I can paint outside!




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