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Did you know I sell my designs on other websites such as Redbubble and Casetify?
They do what I can't which is produce phone cases, stickers, mugs, and much more. I want to get my designs on everything I can so those websites make possible what I cannot currently create and I am so grateful to be able to sell on them! 


The most popular items on my Redbubble shop are the stickers, and they may be my favorite too! They are so perfect for your laptop, or to stick on notebooks, folders, anything! Redbubble offers awesome deals on stickers and often have sales so they are great! Another product that I love on Redbubble are their phone cases-I have way too many! They are protective and amazing quality, so you can check those out as well! 
Casetify makes phone cases and just about any case for every device that you can think of! They have so many fun case options and I have a lot of design options! Many of the designs you will see on my Casetify will look a little different because I designed on Casetify before I discovered my style, but I still love them. If you go to the last page of my designs you can find some with recent designs!