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How I Bullet Journal



Here's how I started enjoying bullet journaling:

+ I set a purpose for my journal and what I wanted it to be as well as what I realistically could do. For me that is to be organized while having a just-for-fun creative outlet. I don't set myself up for failure by making my purpose be perfection or having the prettiest spreads out there. That's no fun.

+ I started using pictures and stickers to make it easy when I'm not in the mood to create a detailed masterpiece, which is never. They inspire me when I don't know what to do for a spread as well.

+ Instead of looking at perfect spreads/methods and comparing yourself, take bits and pieces from spreads you like and recreate them in you own way. Of course there will be times that you compare and get discouraged, but go back and remember your purpose for the journal. 

My youtube video walking through my last bullet journal:  


Here's what I use to bullet journal:  


+ Happy Planner stickers:

My favorites:


+ Bullet Journal:

My first one:

My new one:

I love both!


+ Washi Tape Organizer:


+ Liner Pens:


+ Lettering Pens:


+ Tombow Brush Pens:


+ HP Sprocket:

Sprocket Case:

I get pictures from Pinterest and Unsplash! 


OR here's my whole art supplies list on my Amazon page:

*anything with a link from Amazon is an affiliate link meaning I make a small percentage of the sale if you order through my link or my Amazon page*


More bullet journal videos:





 head to my Insta for more of my bullet journal: @journalingkt

December 28, 2019 — Katie Bryant
My New Room

My New Room


Welcome to my new room! It's cozy and girly and somewhat trendy, and I'm excited about it! I know nothing of interior design, so that's not why I am here, but I wanted to share links and my thought process behind my room! 

This all started when I finally decided to get a new, bigger bed as I've had a twin bed for too long. It spun into a decorating frenzy and wow, it was so fun. I focused the colors of my room around that giant painting hanging above my bed, so lots of pinks!

Batman and Ella, my cats, in the form of pet prints from yours truly! Shop the pet collection here! Shop the "Animals are my favorite people" print here as well.

My bed frame is from Wayfair here and it is so pretty! It was easy to put together and the delivery process was awesome. 

My gray loveseat is from Overstock here and I really think it is what tied my room all together. It gives a studio apartment feel and I love the extra seating. It is SO comfy too.

My curtains are from good ole Walmart here, but you wouldn't know it! 

My white fluffy floor rug is from Overstock here and oh how I love it.

My bed set is from Target here as well as my white pillow here!

My copper floor lamp is from Target here as well as the smaller lamp on my dresser here.

My cat trash can is from Urban Outfitters here!

The rest is linked on my Amazon page here including my shoe rack, nail polish rack, bookshelf, and jewelry holders!

The circle shelf, frames on my shelves, small fan, and white picture display are from TJ Maxx!

July 17, 2019 — Katie Bryant