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Floral Crown Sloth Notebook

$ 20.00

The happiest tree sloth is now printed on the best notebooks! 

Motivate yourself to start journaling, or get more organized with your new floral crown sloth notebook!

This notebook isn't too bulky to take on the go either, it's flexible like that and the perfect size to carry around! Throw it in your purse to take notes at church or in your book bag for class!


- 5.25 x 8.25 in. thick paperback notebook with the softest cover

- 144 lined pages

- This is my design printed on the notebooks, not hand painted 

- The binding allows the notebooks to lay flat and the cover is made to be water resistant and velvety smooth to the touch.

Logo Placements: My logo on the back cover, my signature on the inside back cover, and the company logo that manufactured these on the front inside cover 

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