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How to get a drawing of your pet

Hey, I'm Katie and I create pet prints for you in two ways.

One option is a custom pet print, where you order, send me pictures of your pet and I draw them from scratch. As I took in all these custom orders though, I noticed that I was getting a lot of orders for certain breeds and pets that looked so similar to each other. 

That's when I decided to create the "Choose Your Pet" collection and list those custom pets that I had finished, as options for a listing where customers could pick their pet from the options. I hand draw all of these digitally on my iPad, so they were sitting there from previous orders waiting to be used again anyways.

This is easiest and most affordable option. The listings are organized by breed/color and range from $23-$47 depending on the size of the print you choose and how many minor edits you need (I'll explain minor edits soon). 


First, you look through the listings here or if you have a breed in mind, click the small "FILTER +" button right above the listing images. You'll be able to view the breeds I have available without scrolling through each page. Some are sorted by color if you don't immediately see your breed, so don't get caught up on names.

If you want multiple pets from the separate pet listings together on one print, you can order from the “Mix & Match Pets” listing here.


If you find one that resembles your pet, you order per the instructions on the listing and I will send you a proof when I am finished. 

On the other hand, if you find one that is so close to your pet, but you need a small change such as eye color or a spot on the nose, you can order you print with a minor edit.

You find the pet that looks the most like yours and email me with the minor edit you want at If I approve it, you can order.

Minor edits are usually nose or eye color changes or an added white patch to the chest. I can occasionally use the outline of one pet with the coloring of a different pet too if necessary. It depends though, so please email me before you order. If you order without asking and it turns out that I cant do your edit, your order will be refunded and canceled unless you want the pet as it comes. 

Shop the whole pet collection HERE

July 19, 2019 — Katie Bryant