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How great is this quote?! As much as I love it, and even though I have no good reason to be, I find myself pretty fearful most of the time. I'm a huge scaredy-cat and it's ridiculous when I think about it, ya know?
I have a Father who is always faithful, who knows what's better for me more than I do, and who is completely trustworthy.
So why am I scared of the future? Why do I worry about every little thing? It's easy to get caught up in my insignificant problems, and I forget that my life is in God's faithful and loving arms.
Next time you worry or fear, remember to simply trust. Trust that God knows better than you and has a plan. Trust that he loves you and won't ever leave you.
I am fearless because HE is faithful. ❤
March 30, 2017 — Katie Bryant