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Embrace the Glorious Mess that You Are
I love this quote. It always makes me laugh because I definitely embrace my mess..quite literally. You should see my room right now..or my purse..or my paint space.😬 Everyone has mess in their lives and I’m sure you do too because duh, that’s life. Being told to embrace that mess seems strange at first because mess isn't good. Mess isn’t perfect.
But hey, perfect isn’t how God made you. He created you with weird quirks, annoying habits, and struggles. Setting the standard at perfection is dangerous because it's an exhausting and self-destructing place to be. He embraces the glorious mess that you are and loves you anyways, so you do the same, k? 😉
Give yourself grace and praise Jesus for giving it to you first.
August 02, 2017 — Katie Bryant